A wise person once told me that “In order to truly understand who you are and where you are going in Christ you must first have an appreciation of where you’ve been and what God has done for you”. With a heart of thanksgiving, joy, and gratitude, God can do wonders in your life.

My name is Christian Joy Riley and I once had fashion blog called “Chrissy Joy Style”. Since then I have faced many trials, setbacks, and faith challenging moments. But through it all, I’ve learned how to persevere through those tough times with joy, grace and style (with the partnership of God, of course!). I later shared my testimony to help others and encourage them, but realized there are so many women who are currently going through the same situations I did. However, they lacked the support system and guidance of God that I have been blessed with.

Christian Joy is that much needed network of love, motivation, inspiration and God-given joy that all women need in their life to overcome all situations. It is a light given by God that extinguishes the darkness in women’s lives and replaces it with laughter and gratitude. It represents any and all women who refuse to allow their situations (current or past) to dictate their future.

Christian Joy is not only my name but a movement. It’s mission is to uplift, inspire and empower women to walk into their purpose with happiness and style.


XO- Christian Joy

About Me- Christian Joy