Forgiveness is Free

"Forgiveness is free, I pass it to you, you pass it to me! - The Rock Churches Worldwide

For the past 24 hours the same word has been reigning supreme in my mind....Forgiveness. It began yesterday when I came across the "Parable of the Unforgiving Servant" while reading Matthew 18. I’ve read this story several time, but it was something about this reading that caused it to cut straight to my core. For a second I wondered if I needed to forgive someone in my life! After careful consideration, I realized that I wasn't holding any anger towards anyone, which brought me to the conclusion that this was a message that I needed to remember for the future and to share with others. I quickly made a Facebook Live Video with my friend Sadeqwa to share the importance of forgiveness. However, I realized that some people may not know how to forgive or where to start. 

The spirit of un-forgiveness (because it is a spirit) is one that can quickly control your life when you allow it to take residence for too long. The quicker you eliminate the issue the easier it is to move forward and operate in the calling & purpose that God has for you. It begins with you asking God for help. Specifically asking him to soften your heart towards that person and helping you to see them through HIS eyes (which are eyes of compassion, mercy and love.) Next, God will begin to show you opportunities and avenues to apologize to that person. Which brings us to our next (and most important) action: Obedience. When you ask God for help with forgiving someone, he will help you. But the key to your success will be listening and obeying the advice and blueprint that he gives you. Obedience is not always easy, but it is necessary and beneficial for your life and the rekindling of your broken relationships. 

When you make the decision within your heart to forgive someone, God will meet you where you are to help you the rest of the way. It will not be easy and most definitely will be uncomfortable, but it will bring an increase and movement in your life that is unexplainable and undeniably God! :) 


XO - Christian Joy