Life Line

Have you ever watched the show "Who wants to be a millionaire?". On the show, contestants answer a series of questions that are worth a certain amount of money. With each question answered correctly, the person gains more money and hopefully, adds up to their ultimate goal of one million dollars. Along the way, the contestants are given three Lifelines that are used when they encounter problems answering the questions. They can phone a friend for help, have the audience vote for what they think the answer is, or just skip one question all together. Once you have used all of your Lifelines, you are on your own with no further help from anyone. It's only you.

This past week I had an epiphany while on the subway train headed to work. Our lives can be like the game show (Who wants to be a millionaire). We are born into this world with the goal of fulfilling our destiny/purpose. Along the way, we are given three Lifelines that can be used NUMEROUS times. (Thank God because I would have been out of the game a LONG time ago if I only had three chances!) We use these Lifelines when we encounter problems getting to that goal or obstacles that block us from getting there. The Lifelines are Prayer, Reading the Bible, and Spending Time with God. These resources answer any and every problem that you could ever encounter in life, and will direct you to an alternate route when you bump into barriers that block you on your path. These Lifelines create an actual line in your life that directs your path on where to go to reach your ultimate goal.

Many times we wonder how we find ourselves constantly on the curvy and wide road rather than the straight and narrow. Follow the path that God has placed before you, in doing so you will find that it is the life-line that ultimately leads you to your God-given destiny!