Back to the Beginning

Hey Lovies! 

I'm backkkk!! :) Its been awhile since you've last seen me (three months to be exact), and many things have changed since then. I now have a new website, new name, and a new mindset. My three month blog and social media break was not planned, but definitely much needed. It gave me the insight that I needed and desperately wanted in order to take my career, life, and most importantly my spriritual relationship with Jesus to the next level.

A year ago, I watched a video on Facebook about Oprah and how right before she started her own television network (OWN) she had a moment where she didn't know what to do next and felt stuck. Her solution was to go to a quiet area in her backyard and ask God what was her next step. She said that she sat in a seat between four strong trees and refused to move until God spoke to her. The video spoke to me in many ways because I feel that sometimes we get frustrated about life and what God wants from us, but we don't really sit down at his feet long enough to listen to what he has to tell us. We are complaining or running from person to person to get their opinions on the matter and we don't listen to His SOLUTION to the problem.  I found myself in this position three months ago, but I decided to take it to Jesus and hear His thoughts on my frustration. I did this with no distractions or outside opinions. I had a mindset that it didn't matter how long it took, I would not go back to blogging until I had the direction I needed to move forward in a higher way.

My answer came after 2.5 weeks and in a very concise way. My direction was to change my blog name to the name that God gave me at birth (Christian Joy), and to think bigger with my content. God wanted me to allow Him to fully run my website and brand in a way that is directed towards touching and helping the masses rather than just looking to build a social media or blog following.  There is such a beauty that comes with empowering and uplifting women to be all that God has called them to be in Christ. Walking in your purpose may not always be the easiest journey, but the goal of Christian Joy is to help women do that and to do it with happiness and joy!  It's time to go back to the beginning and take a different route on this blog journey...a higher route that is led by Jesus! :) 

Jean Overalls:  Forever 21 (special designs by Joseph Oxley) || Crop Top: Forever 21 || Hat: Forever 21 || Heels: Aldo 


Photographer: Najah Cobb 


XO - Christian Joy