My Lips are Sealed

Happy Friday Gems!! 

Earlier this afternoon, I was reading the book of Genesis because I had forgotten to do my reading this morning, so I was trying to catch up! While reading I came across the story of Joseph. I've always heard about Joseph and his amazing colorful tunic given to him by his father Jacob. In my mind, I could only imagine the slayage he was giving everyone in his town (yasss!). But more than his killer wardrobe, he also had a gift from God of being able to interpret dreams. One of his dreams showed Him in a powerful position and showing that he would lead those around him. Like many of us who receive good news and/or an amazing word, Joseph shared what he saw with his brothers. Now his brothers already weren't feeling him at the time and were jealous, so when he came to dish about his beautiful dream, his brother went from 0 to 100...real quick! 

This story is one that really resonates with me because I have been in the same boat. I have received good news about something or had a word given to me that I was so excited to share with those around me, only for their response to be negative. Instead of getting angry, I found a lesson. Every word that God gives you isn't meant to be shared with everyone. Just like in a marriage, every conversation that you have with your spouse is not meant to be shared for public opinion; our relationship with God is the same.

God loves us so much that he gives us personal messages and/or rhema words that are specifically for us. Before calling up your best friend or family, pray to God and ask if this is something that needs to be given to someone else to encourage them, or is it meant to stay between you and HIM. 

The story of Joseph is one that every one should know and learn in all aspects. It is a beautiful reminder that God always has your back, and will always make sure that you are taken care of no matter the situation. It is also a message that what is shared with us in private by God does not need to be shared with everyone. Consult with God first in all that you do, and allow him to be your continual mouthpiece to others! :) 


Christian Joy
Christian Joy
Christian Joy
Christian Joy

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