Open the Windows

Blessings. It is a word that I have often associated with God's love for us and His desire that we live a prosperous life.

Growing up I remember hearing the older women at my home church say "when the praises go up, the blessings come down.” It was an act that I always wanted to experience but no matter how hard I danced with the other kids at the alter to the songs being played, I didn't feel like any type of blessings were happening in my life. It may have been a combination of impatience in seeing the blessings manifested, or the fact that I equated blessings with toys and material things. So when my parents didn't buy me what I wanted and when I wanted it, I blamed God. 

Over the years I have come to realize that blessings can come in many forms and can be manifested not only through praise but through declaration.  Many times we believe that God isn’t moving in our lives, when in actuality we have overlooked the small blessings that He gives us each and everyday. We think that it’s a given to have an apartment or a home to live in, so we don't bother to keep it clean...but then we get angry that we haven’t received our dream home or an apartment that we’ve been praying for. We complain daily that we have nothing to wear or we have limited choices in our closet (when 9 times out of 10 our closets are overflowing with options). Yet, we wonder why we can never actually see the extra outfits we can make work with the options we have. 

Our blessings are manifested by our gratitude and with faith. When you take the time to thank God for all things, you will see His manifestation in every way. When you declare his promises of victory over your situation (no matter how big or small), you will see that what you once thought was a mountain was actually a small stone that you can step over.  

Don't allow yourself or your mindset to hold you back from your blessings. Declare and recognize that the windows of heaven have been opened and that your blessings are all around you!

Christian Joy
Christian Joy
Christian Joy
Christian Joy

Jacket: Vintage // Hat: H&M // Shoes: Prada // 


Photographer: Najah Cobb (@russianroulett


XO - Christian Joy