Your Words

Your Word, will not be shaken. Your word, will never fail me. Like a fire in my bones. Like a whisper to my soul. Your word, is revelation.  - "Your Word" by Hillsong Worship  

Earlier this week, I discovered this song on ITunes accidentally while looking for a different song by Hillsong Worship. The title of the song led me to believe it was a song that I’d heard and fell in love with a few weeks ago, but when the singer began to sing I immediately knew I was listening to a different song. For some reason I couldn't bring myself to change the song! I continued listening and by the time the song ended I found myself in a worship trance in my bedroom.  The words of the song were exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. They were a simple yet powerful reminder of the promises of God and the security that those promises provides. 

We all have a specific calling and purpose for our lives. It was established for us by God before our birth and is a destiny that only YOU can fulfill. Along with the calling, God gives us beautiful promises of blessings, protection, success, and peace for our lives. These promises can sometimes (actually almost all the time!) seem impossible to be true when life comes at you hard, and/or you encounter situations that seem to be the opposite. This is when the importance of reading the Bible comes in! God has over 8,000 promises for us in the Bible!! One of which says that God is not a man that he should lie, if he said that he would do it, it shall be done! (the actual scripture is Numbers 23:19.) This means that if God put a dream in your heart when you were 10 years old about something amazing you will do in this world, or if you’ve always felt strongly that God wants to use you to open a school but you're currently working in fast food... HE CAN AND WILL DO IT!! Don't allow your current situation to make you forget about the word that God has given you. He has not forgotten about his promises so neither should you! God wants to see you succeed more than you do and he loves to see you walking in your calling. The same way you take pride in the success of your child or your spouse, he feels the same for you! 

If life has made you give up on the words that God has given you, or constantly question if it will ever come to pass, rest assured that God's words are firm and true. His timing in execution may not always be when we want it, but it's always perfect!


Christian Joy
Christian Joy
Christian Joy

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